Is eSIM available in Georgia?

Is eSIM Available in Georgia?

Yes, eSIM is available in Georgia. The following are two ways to get an eSIM for Georgia:

  • Buy eSIM from mobile operators: Beeline, Magticom, and Geocell all offer eSIMs for Georgia. You can purchase an eSIM from their online stores or retail outlets.
  • Buy eSIM from a third party: If you prefer to buy an eSIM from a third party, you can do so online from a number of providers, such as Gohub. When you buy an eSIM from a third party, you will receive a QR code that you can scan to activate your eSIM.

Gohub eSIM for Georgia

Gohub is a reputable international travel SIM & eSIM provider that has been in business since 2018. They offer a variety of data packages for Georgia, as well as 24/7 support to ensure you have the best experience while traveling.

Currently, Gohub is giving away a 20% discount code for all new customers. You can check out eSIM products for Georgia with the discount here:

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