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How to check on your device
iOS (iPhones, iPads)

Step 1: Ensure your device is not carrier locked
  • Settings > General > About
  • Check the Carrier Lock, if there is a line “No SIM restrictions”, then your device is not carrier locked.

Step 2: Check if your device supports eSIM

  • Go to Settings > Cellular
  • If there is a line Add eSIM or Add Cellular Plan, then your device supports eSIM.

Android (Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, …)
Step 1: Go to Settings > Connection
Step 2: Check the SIM card Manager section, if there is a line Add Mobile plan, then your device supports eSIM

  • eSIM can only be installed when network is enable
  • eSIM should be installed 1 day before travelling
  • Do not turn on Data Roaming until you arrive at your destination country
  • Please do not delete eSIM. The eSIM QR code can only be activated once. After being installed, eSIM cannot be transfered from one device to other

eSIM troubleshooting Guide

*Please ensure your phone support eSIM or not a locked-network device.

Method 1: Please try to place your phone camera opposite the QR Code and start scanning to ensure the camera capture the whole QR Code.

Method 2: If Scanning QR Code does not work, you can try to install the eSIM manually by inputting the info that you received in the eSIM Order email.

Method 3: Change to another WIFI network then retry scanning and installing eSIM

If you still cannot install the eSIM, please contact us asap via Whatsapp to exchange for a new eSIM.

Please make sure that you have been already in the destination country to be able to use the eSIM.

Method 1: Please check that you have enabled Data Roaming mode and Cellular Data mode on your phone.



Method 2: Please try to reset your phone or to wait within 5-10 minutes since some networks take a while to activate.

If there is the LTE/3G/4G/5G signal on the upper right part of your phone screen, but you cannot access the internet:

Method 1: Try to restart your phone.

Method 2: It might have been an APN issue. Please follow this steps to fix the APN issues:

iOS: Go to Settings > Cellular > Choose your eSIM > Cellular Data Network > Enter the provided APN in your eSIM information email.

Android: Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Tap “Add” and enter the provided APN in your eSIM information email.


Please contact us via Whatsapp if you cannot fix the issues.


*If the issuse you are having is not included in these popular issues, please click here to see more troubleshooting guides.


Gohub has been a reputable international travel SIM & eSIM provider since 2018.

You can see it at:

  • Website
  • Discount codes at eSIM payment section
  • Fanpage Gohub

See return and refund policy here:

If you have any questions or exchanges, please contact Gohub via +1 (332) 455-9797 (Whatsapp, Zalo) or Gohub Fanpage for direct support.

  • Compact and suitable for even small devices like smart watch
  • No need to remove physically, limit damage, loss of sim or sim tray
  • Easy install via QR code
  • No need to go to sim registration points to buy physical sims
  • Switch carriers, change information, add or change packages… quickly

eSIM runs as your phone SIM. After installing the phone, the eSIM can be used normally to access the internet or make calls if the eSIM supports calling.

eSIM works like a physical SIM without causing any negative effect to your device.

Gohub has many multinational eSIM packages, such as Southeast Asia eSIM, Europe eSIM…

You can find it by entering the name of 1 of the countries you need to visit and look in the Supported Countries section.

eSIM will be sent to your email within 10 minutes since you have purchased it successfully.

If it is longer than 10 minutes and you still have not received, please contact us asap via +8466440022 (Zalo, hotline) or fanpage Gohub for direct support. 

For iOS:
After successful installation, eSIM will appear at Settings -> Cellular -> Find in SIM

For Android:
After successful installation, eSIM will appear at Connections -> SIM Manager

eSIM cannot be transferred to another device.

After successfully installing eSIM and arriving in the host country, turning on 4g and data roaming then the eSIM is already activated and usable, which means you no need to go through Gohub to activate.

We offer both data only eSIMs and eSIMs with phone number and voice calls to cater all of your needs & preferences. Please see Plan Type in the description to see what services your eSIM offers.

You can absolutely use these apps when using an eSIM.

Each Gohub eSIM can only be used once. If you delete the eSIM it will disappear. Currently, Gohub’s eSIM cannot be renewed when it expires or runs out of space.

You can use only 1 eSIM at a time.

However, the number of eSIMs that can be installed on the device depends on the model you are using. Refer here.

The function of enabling personal hotspot depends on the type of eSIM. You can refer to the section Network sharing capabilities in the description of each eSIM product.

Yes. eSIM can only work once it catches the signal of the host country.

Currently Gohub’s eSIM does not show your remaining capacity. However, you can check by viewing the amount of data used by going to Settings -> Mobile -> Current period roaming.

eSIM after purchase will expire 90 days after you receive the email sending the eSIM code.

Currently eSIM at Gohub does not have the ability to renew or buy more data. You can go to to choose and buy another eSIM package.

Check out the full list of eSIM-enabled devices here

Or, you can check if your phone supports eSIM or not here.

If you can’t check, please contact Gohub via +8466440022 (whatsapp, zalo) or +1 (332) 455-9797 (Whatsapp) or Gohub Fanpage for direct support.

Each type of eSIM at Gohub can only be used in 1 or a few certain countries. The ‘activating’ line indicates that you have not been to the home country of the eSIM even though it has been successfully installed.

In this case, please contact Gohub via +1 (332) 455-9797 (Whatsapp) or Fanpage Gohub for direct support.

There are many reasons why you cannot successfully scan/fail to scan a QR code:

  • Phone does not support eSIM: Please check in settings to make sure your phone supports eSIM
  • Has not scan QR code by eSIM settings: eSIM can only be installed through QR code scanning in eSIM settings, please do not use your phone’s camera or other apps to scan
  • QR code has not scanned the entire eSIM: Please scan the code again to install the eSIM
  • Wifi connection is not secure: Please switch to another network connection for the eSIM to be installed successfully

The eSIM information will be sent within 10 minutes after the bank confirms the successful payment. If you do not receive the email, please contact us via:
Whatsapp (English): +1 (332) 455-9797

In this case, please contact Gohub via +1 (332) 455-9797 (Whatsapp) or Fanpage Gohub for direct support.

eSIM is a form of SIM that is embedded directly into the device, which is small and has similar functions to physical SIMs. Therefore, eSIM does not need you to disassemble, just scan the code to be able to install and use.

Data roaming is when you switch to another carrier’s Internet.

APN stands for Access Point Name. Each carrier’s APN has different characteristics.
APN helps you access the network when the eSIM is inserted but does not automatically capture the network.

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