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eSIM Singapore: Effortless Travel Connectivity with Our Top-Rated Plans

Discover the perfect eSIM for your Singapore trip with our quick and easy plans. Get reliable connectivity, 24/7 online support and a hassle-free refund guarantee if it's not working

10 results for eSIM in “Singapore”

06 GB
8 Days
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 29 countries

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Gohub Picks!
01 GB/day
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 3 countries

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Gohub Picks!
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 5 countries

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Data Only

Including Singapore and other 11 countries

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06 GB
15 Days
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 114 countries

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06 GB
8 Days
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 28 countries

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Data Only

Including Singapore and other 6 countries

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Data Only

Including Singapore and other 7 countries

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Data Only

Including Singapore and other 7 countries

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30 Days
Data Only

Including Singapore and other 5 countries

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What is eSIM Singapore?

An embedded SIM card, or eSIM, is a digital version of a physical SIM card. There are two main types of prepaid eSIMs available:

  1. Data-only eSIMs provide mobile internet access but do not come with a local phone number. They allow using data services like maps, messaging apps, web browsing, etc. However, you cannot make regular calls or send SMS texts without a phone number.
  2. Full service eSIMs work just like a traditional SIM card. They provide a local Singapore phone number plus data connectivity. This allows making calls, sending texts, and using mobile internet.

For tourists traveling to Singapore, most eSIM options are data-only plans. They give you mobile data to stay connected online, use travel apps, maps, and contact people via internet messaging. But they do not support voice calls or SMS without a local number.

Travelers can use a Singapore data eSIM to access useful apps and services during their trip, like Google Maps, WhatsApp, Skype, travel sites, email etc. While not a full replacement for a SIM card, data eSIMs meet the needs of most tourists who just need connectivity and internet access in Singapore. They can be purchased conveniently online before the trip starts.

Where to buy travel eSIM for Singapore?

There are two main categories of eSIM providers that offer plans for Singapore:

Local Singapore mobile operators:

  • The major cellular networks in Singapore are Singtel, StarHub and M1. They each offer eSIM plans directly to tourists visiting Singapore.

Global eSIM providers:

  • These companies provide eSIMs with Singapore travel plans but are not affiliated with specific Singapore networks.
  • They can offer Singapore connectivity by reselling or leasing capacity from Singtel, StarHub or M1 depending on their agreements.

The local Singapore mobile operators provide eSIM plans on their own networks - Singtel, StarHub or M1. This gives you direct access to their network coverage and speeds.

The global eSIM providers generally resell Singtel, StarHub or M1 network capacity. They can offer Singapore connectivity but may rely on the infrastructure of the local operators.

Next, we can explore the specific eSIM plan options, pricing, features from the local Singapore mobile operators versus the global eSIM providers. This comparison of the two provider categories can help determine the pros and cons for travel to Singapore.

1. Local mobile network operators

Purchasing eSIM directly from Singapore operators like Singtel, StarHub or M1 has some pros and cons for tourists:


  • Faster internet speeds by using their network infrastructure directly.
  • Access to 5G networks where available.
  • Local phone number included.


  • Requires registering personal details to comply with local telecom laws.

1.1 Singtel Singapore eSIM

Singtel, a leading telco in Singapore, offers eSIM plans designed for tourists visiting Singapore. Their tourist eSIM provides fast data speeds, reliable coverage across Singapore, and affordable prepaid options.

Singtel has two main tourist eSIM prepaid plans:

  • 15GB data valid for 7 days
  • 30GB data valid for 15 days

By using Singtel's eSIM, tourists can connect to Singtel's extensive 4G and 5G networks. However, personal data registration is required when purchasing the Singtel tourist eSIM.

Key benefits of Singtel Singapore eSIM:

  • 5G and 4G LTE connectivity
  • Local Singapore phone number
  • Free incoming calls

1.2 StarHub Singapore eSIM

StarHub is another major telco in Singapore that provides eSIM plans for tourists. Their eSIM prepaid packs allow users to enjoy StarHub's fast and reliable mobile network.

To use the StarHub Singapore eSIM, you'll need to purchase one of their prepaid SIM packs first. The eSIM can then be activated at the StarHub store, but you'll have to register your personal details.

Some benefits of the StarHub tourist eSIM include:

  • Access to 4G and 5G networks
  • Competitive prepaid data packs
  • Free incoming local calls
  • Local Singapore phone number

1.3 M1 Singapore eSIM

M1 is a cellular operator in Singapore that offers eSIM plans for tourists visiting Singapore. Their eSIM prepaid packs provide excellent network coverage and good value.

To start using the M1 Singapore eSIM, you'll first buy one of their prepaid SIM packs. After registering your details, the SIM can be activated as an eSIM on your device at one of their stores.

Key advantages of the M1 tourist eSIM:

  • Fast 4G speeds and 5G in covered areas
  • Affordable short-term prepaid packs
  • Local Singapore phone number
  • Free incoming local calls

In summary, purchasing direct from Singapore operators provides fast, reliable connectivity but requires registering personal details. Global eSIM providers offer more anonymity but may have slower speeds.

2. Buying Singapore eSIM from eSIM providers

Gohub is a reputable provider of international travel SIM and eSIM, which has been operating since 2018. With partners are operators of more than 100 countries worldwide. Gohub's consultancy team is always available to serve customers 24/7, answering any questions and problems that customers may encounter.
Gohub is committed to providing high-quality Internet services, aimed at providing a safe and smooth experience for customers throughout their travel. We understand that Internet connectivity is an important part of modern life, especially when traveling abroad. So, Gohub continuously strives to ensure customers receive a stable, reliable and fast service.
Our consulting team will always accompany you, help you choose the service package that suits your needs, and ensure that you get a continuous and secure Internet connection throughout your trip. With Gohub, you can safely enjoy your trip without worrying about connecting to the Internet.
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Why should you choose eSIM Singapore from Gohub?

Connect Easily

We offer various options from data only to phone number supported eSIM!.

Refund Guarantee

Experience our hassle-free refund guarantee if your eSIM doesn't work as expected

24/7 Support

We've got your back! We’re here for you anywhere, anytime to support any problems that you encounter.

High Quality

Get fast and reliable internet connection with eSIM Singapore from the top mobile network providers!.

Over 150,000 customers love us!


4.6 out of 5

May 15, 2023

Fast and reliable data connection

fast and reliable data connection when i’m abroad. affordable and very easy to use. the support team is also very attentive when you require help or have any questions. I always use esim gohub anywhere i travel ☺️


May 12, 2023

Really really good service

Really really good service. I activated the sim but cant connect to the internet , so I deleted the esim and tried to re-activate. This sim can be activated ONCE only, and they write clearly on the sim cover but I didnt see it. Then I contact to the customer service and they made me a replacement which is, i think, i should buy another one. Thank you so much for your kindness


April 30, 2023

Good services and quality

Good services and quality! The speed is very fast and access very well for me :) Nice experience

Sayuki Tsang

May 12, 2023

I used the Esim for South Korea for my…

I used the Esim for South Korea for my last day. Customer support was patient enough to assist me. The connection is fast.


May 12, 2023

Easy to use

Easy to use. Easy to communicate with support if there is issue. Works great.


Apr 25, 2023

Best one yet!

I had subscribed for the esim in the middle of our Japan trip and it did not disappoint! I got their response within 30 minutes from subscribing, setup was quick and connectivity was very stable and speed was fast! Will subscribe again!


May 12, 2023

Purchased E-sim for Malaysia

Purchased E-sim for Malaysia. Received confirmation email fast and activation was smooth. Their whatsapp customer service was responsive when I encounted a problem (due to the local telco poor network coverage), and the staff walked me through troubleshooting and eventually managed to solve my issue. Will purchase e-sim from them for my next trip.

Vvien C

Apr 16, 2023

esim for Japan (Kyushu)

I bought esim for Japan (Kyushu) trip, it’s work well during my trip. Some more, customer service here is excellent & helpful!!! Any problem you can text them reply you in prompt.

Alice Chee

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Frequently Asked Questions

eSIM is the next generation of SIM card technology. It replaces the physical SIM card with a digital eSIM profile that you can download and install directly on your phone. You can click here to check if your devices are in the eSIM supported list.

If you are using the chat apps (Whatsapp) with your physical SIM Cards, you still can install extra eSIMs on your phone to use internet without logging out the chat apps.

You can check out our troubleshooting guide here or contact us directly on our Whatsapp. We are available 24/7 to help you out.

We offer both data only eSIMs and eSIMs with phone number and voice calls to cater all of your needs & preferences.

It depends on your phone model / brand. The best way is to check it online to know if your device support more than 1 eSIM. Or you can check the detail list on our guide here.

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