eSIM troubleshooting Guide

If you have followed the instruction steps but the eSIM still reports an error, you can try to see the below cases or contact Gohub on Whatsapp for direct troubleshooting.

Case 1: Unable to Scan the QR or to Add eSIM manually to your phone.

Please ensure your phone support eSIM or not a locked-network device.

Method 1: Please try to place your phone camera opposite the QR Code and start scanning to ensure the camera capture the whole QR Code.

Method 2: If Scanning QR Code does not work, you can try to install the eSIM manually by inputting the info that you received in the eSIM Order email.

If you still cannot install the eSIM, please contact us asap via Whatsapp to exchange for a new eSIM.

Case 2: eSIM installed successfully but your phone did not show the signal sign.

Please make sure that you have been already in the destination country to be able to use the eSIM.

Method 1: Please check that you have enabled Data Roaming mode and Cellular Data mode on your phone.

Method 2: Please try to reset your phone or to wait within 5-10 minutes since some networks take a while to activate.

Case 3: Network signal showed but the internet is not available.

If there is the LTE/3G/4G/5G signal on the upper right part of your phone screen, but you cannot access the internet:

Method 1: Try to restart your phone.

Method 2: It might have been an APN issue. Please contact us via Whatsapp for the instruction to check for APN.