Top local travel apps in Liberia for tourists

Top local apps in Liberia for tourists


  • Careem: A ride-hailing app that is available in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, and other major cities. It is a convenient way to get around, especially if you don’t speak Kpelle or Mande.
  • Yellow Cab Liberia: A taxi-hailing app that is also available in Monrovia. It is another convenient way to get around the city.


  • A popular online booking platform for hotels, apartments, and other vacation rentals. It has a wide selection of properties in Liberia to choose from.
  • Airbnb: A peer-to-peer rental platform that allows you to rent rooms or entire apartments from local residents. It is a good option for travelers looking for a more authentic Liberian experience.

Food and Drink

  • Talabat: A food delivery app that allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants in Monrovia. It is a convenient way to get food delivered to your door.
  • Zomato: A restaurant review and search website that allows you to find and read reviews of restaurants in Liberia. It is a helpful resource for finding good places to eat.

Communication and Utilities

  • Google Translate: A translation app that can translate over 100 languages, including Kpelle and Mande. It is a must-have for any traveler to Liberia.
  • WhatsApp: A popular messaging app that is widely used in Liberia. It is a good way to stay in touch with friends and family while you are traveling.

Trip Planning

  • Explore Liberia: The official website of the Liberia Tourism Board. It includes information on attractions, accommodation, and other travel-related resources.
  • Lonely Planet Liberia: A travel guide book that provides information on attractions, restaurants, and accommodation in Liberia.

Entertainment & Shopping

  • TicketBox: A website where you can purchase tickets for events in Liberia, such as concerts, plays, and sporting events.
  • Liberian Craft Market: A website that provides information on the Liberian Craft Market in Monrovia, where you can buy traditional Liberian crafts and souvenirs.

Payments & Shopping

  • VISA and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards in Liberia.
  • American Express is less widely accepted, but it is accepted at most major hotels and restaurants.


  • Gohub is a travel eSIM service company providing internet/data connection for travellers around the world.
  • Lonestar Cell MTN: The leading mobile phone provider in Liberia.
  • Orange Liberia: Another popular mobile phone provider in Liberia.
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