Refund Policy

Conditions of Application:

In accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Return and Refund Policy and forming part of the Service Terms, Gohub guarantees the rights of the Buyer by allowing the submission of return and/or refund requests prior to the expiration of the Gohub guarantee period as specified in the Service Terms. Gohub guarantees the performance by Gohub, at the request of the User, to assist the User in resolving any disputes that may arise in the transaction. The User may contact each other to negotiate their disputes or report to Gohub or the competent government authority for assistance in resolving any disputes arising before, during, or after the use of Gohub guarantee. The Return and/or Refund Policy for Gohub products is specified in the Travel Service Terms.

  • Return/Refund Requirements:

The Buyer agrees that they can only request a return/refund in the event of an eSIM defect that Gohub cannot rectify or/and a defect confirmed by the network. Gohub will process the refund to the customer after confirming the above defect within 03 working days. The refund amount will be transferred by Gohub to the bank, and the refund fee will be borne by Gohub.

The Buyer cannot request a return/refund in the following cases:

  1. The customer has deleted the eSIM and wants to reinstall it.
  2. The customer’s device does not support eSIM.
  3. The customer’s phone is network locked (locked phone version).
  4. eSIM is expired (Expiry Date is written in the order confirmation email).
  5. The destination country has unforeseen events (including but not limited to natural disasters, earthquakes, epidemics, fires, wars, coups, riots, changes in the laws of the country of residence, changes in government…).
  6. The network infrastructure of the destination country has problems, is not stable.

Gohub will always carefully review the Buyer’s refund requests and has the right to make the final decision on the request based on the above regulations and in accordance with Gohub’s Service Terms.

  • No Change of Purchase Intention:

Unless otherwise stated in the Return and Refund Policy, the Buyer cannot request a return/refund due to a change of purchase intention.